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America’s Best Car Care Plan

Keep Your Vehicle in Excellent Shape!

Find a Reputable Mechanic Near You!

Save a Ton of Money Now!

These are just a few of the awesome benefits offered by
America’s Best Car Care Plan!

During these difficult economic times, we could all use a discount
on something as necessary as auto maintenance. This program is designed
and tested to create savings for drivers, as well as generating positive
business results for Auto Repair Shop Owners.

From big nationally recognized service centers to locally owned and
operated neighborhood shops, this program works for everyone. America’s
Best saves shop owners on advertising costs while you, the customer,
benefit from deeply discounted oil changes, labor and many other
vital services!

It’s really about building a relationship between the customer and the
service center that will last for years to come.

Our service centers and their technicians are ASE certified mechanics, so you
are guaranteed the best available. Please call us for details at

Our selection of participating service centers is growing every
week, however, if you don’t see a service center in your community,
please nominate a shop in your area and we will do what we can to
to make them available for our program.

If you are a shop owner or service center manager and would like to
take advantage of this program for your customers, please call our
service center relations line at 971-247-4534, or visit our shop owners site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this package transferable?

A.Yes, you may use this package on multiple vehicles
and/or allow friends or family to use it.


Q. May I substitute oil brand, weight or grade?

A. Yes, but you are required to pay the difference in cost of the oil available with your package.
Q. May I use this with another coupon from the same service center?

A. No, this package is not valid with any other offer or discount.
Q. Most vehicles take less than 5 quarts of oil, what if my vehicle uses more, do you cover the difference?

A. No, this package covers up to 5 quarts of the recommended oil. If your vehicle requires more than this, you are responsible for the difference.
If you have other questions please feel free to call our customer service line: 877-342-0977

Or if you would like to submit other questions to be listed on this page visit our customer service page.

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